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Total Defense

Mobile Security Suite plus Android Tablet Protection

Blackberry AntiVirus for Mobile Phones

The solution for complete protection against theft, viruses & spyware with powerful protection and monitoring tools to keep your children safe and secure. With internet capable mobile devices outselling personal computers and a growing number of third party applications available for use, the environment is primed for exploitation of these devices. In early 2011, we were alerted of the ZeuS Trojan, specifically targeting BlackBerry users. It aims to monitor users' private information especially when they conduct mobile banking. Whether your device is heavily used or for merely simple tasks, your info is still at risk without adequate protection. This applies to stock & jailbroken Blackberries.

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Total Defense is continually updating its software to provide an enhanced user experience. When you purchase Total Defense software, you will automatically receive the latest upgrades available to the software completely free of charge.

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Blackberry Software Antivirus & Anti-Theft

There has been a 400% increase in phone malware since 2010. When sharing highly sensitive information such as credit card information each time you make a purchase from your Blackberry phone, it is essential that you protect yourself from any Blackberry virus or Trojan horse able to intercept sensitive information. These leave devices extremely vulnerable and open to attack, allowing applications to be installed and run on the device without any input from the user. Total Defense Mobile Security was developed specifically to run seamlessly in the background, without affecting Blackberry OS software performance.

Total Defense Mobile Security & Monitoring

Total Defense Mobile Security is the solution for complete protection against theft, viruses & spyware. The biggest risk still lies in personal data loss/theft with the physical loss of your Blackberry. Total Defense Mobile Security’s remote wipe ability allows the user to remotely erase all their private and sensitive information from the phone, the moment it is lost or stolen. Total Defense’s Mobile Security malware-fighting technology along with GPS tacking and remote handset management features allows Blackberry users to not only defend against online threats and cyberbullying, but also monitor their kids phone usage. Total Defense Mobile Security provides comprehensive parental controls that let parents check their child’s contacts list, monitor incoming and outgoing emails, and view text and multimedia messages and call logs. It stealth protection allows parents to monitor their kids without disrupting their mobile usage, allowing your kids to be kids.

Smartphone Features:

  • Powerful anti-virus & anti-spyware detection & removal
  • Remote lock & wipe for lost & stolen devices
  • Remote backup of personal data with easy restore to new devices
  • Remote GPS locate to find lost & stolen phones
  • Antispam & firewall filters to eliminate malicious or unwanted messages
  • Parental Controls & Monitoring:
    • Monitor activity on your child’s mobile phone
    • Cyberbully & online predator threat protection
    • View pictures by stored in the camera whether sent or received via text or email
    • View content of text & email messages
    • Block voice and message
    • Communication from unwanted sources

Windows Mobile Devices Supported:
Blackberry Bold 9900, 9930, 9780, 9700, 9650, 9000, Blackberry Curve 3G, 8530, 8520, 8900, 8350i, 8300, Blackberry Storm, Storm2, 9550, 9530, 9520, 9500, Blackberry Style 9670, Blackberry Torch 9860, 9850, 9810, 9800, Blackberry Tour 9630, Blackberry Pearl 3G, Flip, Blackberry Colt.

System Requirements

  • Supported Processors
    • 250MHz or faster
  • Disk Space
    • 64MB or larger
  • Mobile Operating System
    • Windows Mobile 6.0 or higher
    • Blackberry 4.0 or higher
    • Google Android 1.5 or higher
    • Symbian Series 60 - 3rd edition or higher
  • Internet
    • Mobile data plan required

FREE Installation & Configuration for all Total Defense Products

Total Defense is continually updating its software to provide an enhanced user experience. When you purchase Total Defense software, you will automatically receive the latest upgrades available to the software completely free of charge. Call 1-877-205-7962.

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Simply call 1-877-205-7962 for free professional installation and support of your Total Defense product.

The scope of support includes:

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Spyware & Virus Submission

Customers can submit virus samples directly to Total Defense for analysis. Users with a suspicious file can submit that file directly to Total Defense in-house system, which is designed specifically to handle virus submissions and is monitored 24x7 by our team of anti-virus researchers.

Suspect files are quickly classified, reducing the time it takes to get virus samples from the public domain to our antivirus labs. After submission, the system can automatically send email responses to let users know virus test results almost immediately.

Total Defense Global Security Advisor

The Total Defense Global Security Advisor serves as a rich, up-to-the-minute resource, containing detailed information on viruses, spyware, and PC vulnerabilities, as well as valuable documentation on the implementation of comprehensive anti-virus and anti-spyware protection. The Total Defense Global Security Advisor team monitors and responds to global virus, spyware, and other Internet threats around the clock, to defend against the damaging effects of virus outbreaks and spyware infestation.

For more information, visit:

Security Site

The researchers on the Total Defense Global Security Advisor team also publish a blog that covers a wide range of topics related to Internet security, including the latest on trends in malware and in-depth information on specific threats and vulnerabilities.

To access the blog, visit:


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